For children aged 3.9 who are preparing to enter school.

We are committed to preparing children for a smooth transition into the school setting. We replicated the curriculum and learning environment of an elementary school to make sure they could adjust to the new setting. At this stage, most children demonstrate strong cognitive and language abilities. They have basic logical reasoning skills and are able to express their ideas clearly and communicate effectively with others. This stage is a critical period for them to move into school life, and we will make sure that they have the necessary skills and resources to face the learning challenges of the future.

Pre-Reception Room Program:

At Pre-Reception Room, we have introduced a series of excellent Educational Programs to help children develop comprehensively in cognitive, language, music, arts, and mathematics.

Thrass and Hot Words project – Thrass is an English phonetics teaching system that helps children improve their reading and writing skills by teaching pronunciation rules and spelling. In many first-tier private schools, Thrass will support children until grade 2. Ms. Tienery is a senior primary school teacher. She created the Hot Words workbook while teaching Thrass. The two work together to make children’s learning more effective. With the help and guidance of Teacher Tienery, Thrass became our main English teaching project.

Musical Education (Orff Music/ Piano): – For children at this stage, in addition to providing regular Orff music sessions to help children’s auditory perception and musical expression skills, we also offer one-on-one piano lessons to children who are ready and take interest. Our Music Team is professional, competent, and has rich teaching experience.

Visual Art: – From the age of 3 years old, Visual Art will be a part of their daily curriculum.

Regular Outings/ Excursions: – After the age of 4, teachers will frequently organize excursions to natural places to allow children to experience the closeness to nature, art galleries, and exhibition halls, and to participate in various community activities. Recently, we purchased a Van to support children’s visits.

Reading Project: – Reading is our most basic learning skill, so our reading program is implemented daily. After considering the connection with primary school teaching, we adopted the PM-graded reading library. The teachers encourage children to read every day consistently to develop good reading habits. In order to help children learn to read correctly, love reading, and produce more effective learning outcomes, we have also introduced Dr. Anne’s “Elite Education” project to a few interested parents and children at the same time.

Logical enlightenment: – We will begin our logic enlightenment class in 2024, by following the unanimous suggestion of the parents, and using the Australian Mathematics Syllabus. Children will be engaged in numerous mathematical games and activities to develop logical reasoning abilities.

The combination of these projects aims to comprehensively enhance the development of children, turn them into knowledgeable and skilled individuals, and lay a strong foundation for their future.

Olivia Yu

Pre-Reception Team Leader

Master of Early Childhood Teaching

Bachelor of Arts in Business English

Nicole Chen


Early Childhood Teacher/ Group Music Teacher (Orff Method)

Bachelor of Chinese Language and Literature