Philosophy: Reggio Emilia approach

At 1st Impressions Early Learning Centre, we believe that children are curious, creative, capable, and competent learners and that all children have their own strengths, talents, and potential. We highly respect and value diversity, thus we promote and encourage multiculturalism, which is evident with our staff members, educational program and in our classroom settings. Your children are offered a strong educational program with a multi-faceted and holistic approach that encompasses various areas of learning and development. We believe that everyone has the right to fairness and equal access to opportunities.

Experienced Educators

0ur Rooms

Starter Room

From 4 months

We warmly welcome children aged 4 months and above to join our Starter Room. Our dedicated and experienced teachers possess patience and a wealth of childcare knowledge, providing attentive care and support to help children embark on their exploratory journey and establish trust in others. View more …

ELC Room

For children aged 2.5 to 3.5 years.

At this crucial stage of development, children start to build on their experiences in the “Starter Room” and begin to further define their individual personalities and characters. With this, they also start to display their individual learning strengths and abilities. View more …

Pre-Reception Room

For children aged 3.5 who are preparing to enter school.

To ease the transition and help children mitigate any negative emotions stemming from adapting to new environments, our pre-reception class closely simulates a primary school setting in terms of teaching environment and curriculum. View more…

What’s going on at 1st impressions

Professor Thomas and Team In Our Center

Professor Thomas from Adelaide University presented at our Parents’ Night to give a speech about the importance of language in children’s development. Dr. Li, a researcher, and Ms. Maggie Gu, an experienced high school teacher, introduced the current Australian curriculum and explained how languages play a crucial role in children’s everyday learning and future employment.


各位家长好, 从2023年7月10日周一开始, 幼托补助(CCS)有了大幅度的提高 税务申报收入在$530,000 以下的家庭都将受益于新政策 税务申报收入在$80,000 以下的家庭将得到高达90%的费用豁免 税务申报收入在$362,408以下的家庭,如果有两个或者两个以上的入托儿童, 如果儿童年龄都在5岁以下,年幼的儿童将享受更大的费用豁免 如果您希望了解更多的细节,请参考

Cheaper Child Care and Important information for families using care but not registered for Child Care Subsidy