Philosophy: Reggio Emilia approach

At 1st Impressions Early Learning Centre, we believe that children are curious, creative, capable, and competent learners and that all children have their own strengths, talents, and potential. We highly respect and value diversity, thus we promote and encourage multiculturalism, which is evident with our staff members, educational program and in our classroom settings. Your children are offered a strong educational program with a multi-faceted and holistic approach that encompasses various areas of learning and development. We believe that everyone has the right to fairness and equal access to opportunities.

Since its establishment in 2017, 1st Impressions Education Group has been committed to providing the highest quality educational services to children aged 0-12. After years of practice and improvement, we have successfully educated 112 outstanding graduates. They not only love to explore new things and take the initiative in learning but also excel in cognitive ability and learning efficiency among their peers. As a result, we have received a lot of positive feedback from parents and primary school teachers.

As we stepped into the era of artificial intelligence, ‘creativity’ became the goal of all elite education. Creativity is a comprehensive human ability, derived from continuous learning and accumulation, and represents the ability to derive and comprehensively apply knowledge. We work with parents to understand more about children’s daily acquisition of information and knowledge development, to recognize the unique talent of each child, and to create the best learning environment for them. We aim to provide maximum support for the nurturing and enhancement of children’s creativity.

Multilingualism is one of the greatest strengths of 1st Impressions, and we firmly believe that it is vital to social progress. Every culture has excellent parenting practices of its own that are invaluable. Numerous recent studies have shown that a multilingual environment does not hinder children’s learning and development. On the contrary, appropriate strategies promote healthy brain development. From our experience, children raised in a bilingual environment often show better learning capability.

Situated in the Prospect neighborhood, the 1st Impressions Early Learning Centre is just 6 km from the city center. There are around 27 employees working at the early education center on a daily basis, including 4 Australian registered teachers who graduated from prestigious universities. We have employed 2 chefs from an Asian background to ensure that the children have 5 nutritious and delicious meals every day. The Early Childhood Education Center can accommodate 86 children aged 0-5 every day.

Experienced Educators

0ur Rooms

Starter Room

6 weeks to 2 years

When children come to this world, they open their innocent eyes to observe and explore the world. They are eager to understand this unfamiliar environment, and security is what they need most at this stage. Starting from around 8 months, infants usually approach parents or familiar educators, seek comfort and interaction, show signs of separation anxiety, and seek comfort when distressed. View more …

Plodder Room

2 – 3 years 

Toddlers’ brain and cognitive abilities develop rapidly. Around the age of two, they begin to form a strong sense of self and make efforts to show their existence to the outside world. However, many times, due to the lack of correct expressions, children feel frustrated, causing them to have mood swings and behaviour challenges. View more …

Kindy Room

3 – 3.9 years.

An ancient Chinese proverb says: “Three years old fixes Eighty”. According to this phrase, the ancients believe that a three-year-old’s character and personality features suggest that he will have traits similar to those of an eighty-year-old. View more …

Pre-Reception Room

3.9 – 5 years

We are committed to preparing children for a smooth transition into the school setting. We replicated the curriculum and learning environment of an elementary school to make sure they could adjust to the new setting. View more…

What’s going on at 1st impressions

Important Announcement!

We are pleased to announce that we have purchased a Van to support our children’s outdoor learning. We will accommodate it for regular excursions. Our children will go out more frequently to extend their understanding of the natural world around them and to develop their ties with the local community

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Celebrating Milestones: 1st Impressions ELC Graduation Party 🎓✨

Date: December 12, 2023 At 1st Impressions Early Learning Centre, we joyously celebrated the graduation of our Pre-Reception students – a day marked with excitement, pride, and a touch of elegance. The Celebration Begins The event commenced with an inspiring speech from our Centre Manager, Gunvir, who extended heartfelt thanks to all the families for […]