Kindy Room

For children aged 3 to 3.9 years old.

An ancient Chinese proverb says: “Three years old fixes Eighty”. According to this phrase, the ancients believe that a three-year-old’s character and personality features suggest that he will have traits similar to those of an eighty-year-old. In Australia, it is believed that children at this age should start developing a regular routine and healthy habits. Reasonable work and rest habits are the key for children to maintain good health and are also essential to stimulate enthusiasm for learning. Children’s curiosity is at an all-time high during this period as they develop their social, emotional, cognitive, and language skills. They are eager to learn and explore everything new.

Therefore, teachers at our centre develop rich and diverse teaching content based on children’s individual needs. Q&A (open discussion) is a normal part of our teaching in the Kindy room. Children continue to ask questions, get different answers, reflect on all responses, and generate new questions with the assistance of our team. Children’s learning capacity gradually develops with repeated exposure.

Kindy Room Program:

– In the Kindy class, in addition to continuing our Montessori mathematics program and Orff music, we have also added Visual Art sessions in the Kindy Program. By appreciating and understanding the characters, and stories behind outstanding works with teachers, children will learn the importance of art as a means of expressing their emotions. This session will encourage children to use their imagination, try different materials, and through drawing and hand-making crafts, show their understanding of the world to everyone around them.

Yeshi Dema

Kindy Room Team Leader

Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care Diploma of Accounting

Michael Wu

Kindy Room Early Childhood Teacher

Master of Teaching- Early Childhood