I’m Nicole Chen

Ms. Nicole Chen (ECT, Orff Music Teacher, and Montessori Education Trainer) Teacher Nicole is an experienced Orff music teacher and a Montessori education trainer. She had worked in an educational institution in Haidian, Beijing for more than 10 years. While engaged in elite early childhood education, she has also trained a group of outstanding Montessori teachers for society. Teacher Nicole has rich experience and profound self-interpretation of early childhood education. While studying Master of Education in Australia, she carefully compared the advantages and disadvantages of Montessori teaching in the Australian Education System and worked hard to delete the ineffective parts so that children can truly experience the essence of Montessori learning.

She often says that Montessori Education needs a careful implementation, it is impossible to describe it through a few pictures of Montessori resources. In addition, Teacher Nicole has very high personal musical literacy. Her Orff music class covers all our students. We will soon launch her open class so that more parents and children can benefit from it.