Our Rooms


The first two years of your child’s life are a time of rapid growth and development, where every little moment matters. Our Starter Room is well equipped with the facilities that support your children’s growing needs. For children from 6 weeks old to the age where they begin their first steps and learn


Our Plodder Room is a space which encourages social interaction, developing independence, and foster language acquisition for the toddler age group. At this stage, we help children develop their emerging autonomy.


Ensuring we’re building connections to learning and play as part of those early years to really set our children up for life. This will benefit the overall development of behaviour and wellbeing as children get to interact in a wider social circle and allows more opportunities for learning and discovery.


Preparing our 1st Impressions ELC children to be equipped for Reception where learning experiences are tailored with the school setting. As this is a critical stage in their development, we believe this room will help curate their learning experiences in preparation for formal school. Routines can be more structured with the program targeting academic and socio-emotional outcomes through planned and spontaneous activities.