Becky Liu

Qualified Chef

Megan Liu

Qualified Kitchen Hand


  1. We provide 5 meals daily.
  2. We update the menu regularly.
  3. 2-3 fresh seasonal freits served daily.
  4. Our full-time chef provides a diverse selection of dishes including Chinese, Indian, Italian, Greek, Singaporean, Vietnamese etc, to help children to settle down in the new environment.
Food Fresh 100%
Nutritional Balance 99%
Tasty 95%
Looks 92%
Amount of food 100%

It is important that children are provided with the right and enough nutrition as their bodies are still growing and developing, so we always ensure that we use quality ingredients and supplies. As we are a community at 1st Impressions, families who have small businesses selling fruits are also our suppliers so this way we can ensure that we purchase from reliable suppliers and sources.

Our menu is centred on families’ feedback and suggestions, on recipes from our staff and families’ home countries and on children’s interests and nutritional needs.

We also take into consideration that some children might not get hungry yet when we serve our dinner. We encourage parents to bring in a small lunchbox/ container so we can pack their meal and children can have it at home. This is also part of our sustainability practices to avoid food wastage.