Language Learning

Literacy based on the Australian Framework and curriculum: Like all early childhood education institutions, our centre’s teachers focus on each child’s interests and abilities, setting corresponding courses and themes according to the Australian early childhood teaching guidelines and child development guidelines. We encourage children’s listening, speaking, reading, and writing abilities to help them become confident communicators.

Thrass and Hot Words

Thrass is a highly acclaimed English foundational teaching program suitable for children of any age. Through the training of 44 phoneme combinations, children can quickly improve their word recognition, pronunciation, and spelling skills. Many primary schools have started promoting its use. In our preparatory semester classes, teachers use game-based activities to learn Thrass with children every day. Hot Words, developed by Ms. Joanne Tierney, is supplementary work based on a large amount of Thrass training and teaching practice. It helps children extend their Thrass learning while allowing parents to participate. We are grateful to Ms. Tierney for sharing and appreciate her contributions to early childhood education.

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Intensive English Reading & Writing

Regardless of the British or American education systems, English reading is always the most crucial part of learning for pre-school children. With the help of language experts from the University of Adelaide and the University of South Australia, we have chosen the PM and Collins Big Cat series as our children’s introductory reading materials.  We aim to make children fall in love with reading and English through daily games and learning activities. We have invited experienced English teachers to guide children weekly on how to read correctly and enjoy reading. Our teachers also incorporate extensive daily reading into their teaching routines. PM is the largest and most finely levelled reading programme in the UK, with a pedagogically sound, proven approach to making every child asuccessful, balanced reader. The PM collection contains over 1000 carefully levelled fiction and non-fiction texts, organised by series strand and by colour band Collins Big Cat … Cengage …