Our Curriculum

We aim for all 1st Impressions children to be confident learners, so we strive to offer a program that builds a strong foundation on children’s skills, strengths, and interests and help children to become successful learners and creative individuals. Our Early learning environments are used to support children to develop and enhance their skills in different aspects. We are guided by the EYLF, the NQF and the NQS, but our program also includes classes that further enrich children’s love for the arts, music and movement, literacy, numeracy, health, science, and technology, physical, socio-emotional, and language development.

Music Learning

We promote early music education from age 3, using engaging Orff approach and piano lessons for holistic child development.

Language Learning

We prioritize tailored literacy programs, employ innovative Thrass and Hot Words methodologies, emphasize stage reading, and offer expert-led Chinese classes for diverse learner needs.

Art Class

Our Thursday art classes spark children's imagination, fostering creativity and guiding divergent thinking through artistic expression.

Miss Mel

Teacher Miss Mel from 'Happy Feet' engages children in imaginative play and joyful sing-along sessions every Friday at 10 AM.