New Arrivals Program (NAP)

1st Impressions Early Learning Centre is situated in a great suburb wherein wonderful reside and where the community is continuously growing. We noticed new immigrant families are moving in from time to time, therefore the demand for fully understanding the Australian early childhood system also increases. To cater to this demand, we introduce the New Arrivals Program.

What is the aim of the New Arrivals Program (NAP)?

NAP is designed to provide support for these new immigrant families as we understand some families may need assistance to know more about the early childhood education system and help their children begin their exciting learning journey.

Assistance with Child Care Subsidy (CCS) and Additional Child Care Subsidy (ACCS) application

Our team can set an appointment with families to introduce and explain more about the CCS and ACCS system. We also help families go through the whole application if required.

Settlement with educators of similar background

To help settlement in the new environment, we will pair newly enrolled children with educators of the same background or home language. We can make the necessary adjustments for staffing arrangements to cater children’s demands.

Transition catering & Nutrition

We provide high quality food for our children prepared by our centre chef who has rich experience with food from different cultures. We also provide a wide variety of Asian food. We ensure that all meals cater to children’s nutritional needs and interests. Parents are welcome to share with us traditional recipes from home to help ease into the settlement period and so our children will have an opportunity to learn about different cultures through food. Warm and freshly cooked food are ensured throughout the day, especially during COVID period.

Language Transition Plan

For children who may have a language barrier, we will organize 1:1 or small group learning to help develop their communication and language skills. We provide assistance to parents to apply for related government funding and development/ inclusion support for children when necessary.

Discounted sessions for families without CCS

We understand it can be frustrating for families to wait for a long period of time before their CCS gets processed/ finalized or for those who may not be eligible for government subsidies. We provide discounted sessions for these situations, so children do not miss all the fun and learning at childcare! Parents may choose between 2 short sessions for a locked-in rate (minimum 3 days booking per week required).