I’m Yeshi

Hi, I am Yeshi Dema and come from a small country Bhutan. I am the team leader of the Kindy Room at 1st Impressions ELC. I worked as an Accountant for 7 years in Bhutan. I came to Australia with my husband about 4 years ago and started my career as an Early Childhood worker.

I am a passionate animal lover. I have eleven dogs and six cats back in my country. Most of my animals were saved from the streets by us, and now they reside in my house. I’ve always loved animals, so my spouse and I got two adorable kittens (Casper and Jasper). They certainly bring us immense joy and happiness, as they purr all around me, they seem to be begging for our love and attention. Although I like a variety of activities, including cooking and watching movies, gardening and taking care of my plants are what I find the most fulfilling.

After work, me and my husband we love to cook together and cuddling our two cute kittens. I enjoy my weekend by taking care of plants and our small vegetable garden. My two brothers, sister, cousin, sister-in-law and my hubby are here in Adelaide. I love to spend a quality time with my family during weekends like going for a dinner or watching movies together.

I have been working with 1st Impressions for almost 3 years. Now, I can’t imagine my life without taking care of children, educating them and providing them all the love and affection!