Exploring Learning: 1st Impressions ELC’s Exciting Incursions and Excursions

Discover the Joy of Learning with 1st Impressions ELC’s Incursions and Excursions

At 1st Impressions Early Learning Centre, we are excited to offer a comprehensive program of incursions and excursions that enhance our curriculum at no additional cost. These activities are designed to enrich the educational experience of our children, providing them with hands-on learning opportunities in real-world settings.

Aviation Adventure at the South Australian Aviation Museum

On March 12, our Pre-Reception children embarked on an educational journey to the South Australian Aviation Museum. They explored a variety of aircrafts, learning about their sizes, purposes, and the differences between civil and military use. The trip included a fun train ride around the museum, making the learning experience both immersive and enjoyable.

Easter Egg Hunt in the Park

On March 28, the joy of Easter was in full swing as our children participated in an Easter egg hunt in the nearby park. The excitement was palpable as they filled their goody bags with chocolate eggs and bunnies. After the hunt, they relished a delightful barbecue buffet, enjoying the beautiful outdoor scenery and sharing a memorable meal with friends.

Water Conservation Workshop with SA Water

On April 17, a representative from SA Water visited our Kindy and Pre-Reception rooms for a special incursion. The session, themed “Water is Precious,” included interactive lessons on the importance of water, its uses, and conservation strategies. The children engaged in a practical activity that taught them what items should not be flushed down the toilet, reinforcing lessons on environmental responsibility.

Join Our Learning Adventures!

We look forward to hosting more engaging and educational incursions and excursions at 1st Impressions ELC. Our programs are designed to foster curiosity, learning, and fun, all in one place. Become a part of the 1st Impressions family and ensure your child does not miss out on these fantastic learning opportunities.

For more information or to enroll, please call us at +61 466 633 203 or email admin@1stimpressionselc.net.


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