1st Impressions ELC Parents’ Night

Event: 1st Impressions ELC Parents’ Feedback Session
Date: November 1, 2023
Location: 1st Impressions, Nailsworth

1st Impressions ELC cordially hosted a parent feedback session on November 1, 2023. This event provided a valuable platform for parents to interact with our esteemed teachers and room leaders. Our Pre-Reception Room Leader and Early Childhood Teacher (ECT), Olivia, offered insights into the EYLF framework, room routines, and educational programs.

The session also covered recent projects in the Pre-Reception Room, including the “Life Cycle of Silk Worm” and “Around the World.” Parents had the unique opportunity to admire their children’s art and craft creations, guided by our professional art teacher.

Key discussions included inquiries about the children’s transition phases, which our leaders and management team addressed comprehensively. Overall, the event was a splendid chance to gather parental feedback and foster deeper involvement in our educational programs.