Our Curriculum

1st Impressions ELC Starter Room Developmental Program

Our wonderful Educational Leader, Roan, is currently doing research and creating a centre resource based on NQS that focuses on how we can improve our daily programming for children from 6 weeks to ELC age. We are proud to share that she has come up with our very own (and first!) Developmental Program resource material specifically for Starter Age which is in conjunction with the EYLF. Our service utilises this resource to build a holistic approach in supporting children’s growth and development and as our reference for the daily activities and learning experiences.

Kumon Learning System

We are currently working on incorporating the Kumon Learning System into our program to help children build up their logical thinking.


Our educators will read to individual children based on his/her level. Our centre has a wide array of books which we utilise during group times and quiet time. We also encourage parents to borrow books and read them with their children at home.

Our centre program adheres to the Early Years Learning Framework and the National Quality Standards, but we also offer additional programs at 1st Impressions ELC at NO EXTRA CHARGE.

Music Classes

All children should have equal opportunities to learn more about music. We have 1:1 music session provided by professional violin and piano teachers, as we believe on a holistic approach – using music as a tool to help children regulate and express their own emotions and discover their own talent for music. We provide music classes at no extra cost to families, so all our enrolled children have an opportunity to explore their skills and interests.

  • Piano classes on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays
  • Violin classes on Thursdays and Fridays

Dance and Movement Class

We also offer a weekly dance and movement class provided by the wonderful Miss Mel from the Happy Feet Fitness Program. This program draws on the fun of movement and dance, the creativity of music, and the joy of active play. Each week we deliver a new and exciting interactive themed adventure, and these classes are specially designed to encourage participation, expression, and social interaction. This class helps them boost their self-confidence too!

Baking and Cooking

We introduce children to making nutritious meals to help them develop a healthy relationship with food. We aim to instil healthy eating habits through cooking and baking and give our children the best opportunity to grow into healthy, confident adults.

Arts Class

Art engages children’s senses in open-ended play and supports the development of cognitive, socio-emotional, and multisensory skills. Art provides opportunities for brain development, improve self-esteem and hone creativity. Art classes are every Thursday provided by the team of professional arts teachers from Soda Studio!

Small Group Learning

For children from new immigrant families here in Australia, we offer a 1:1 or small group learning as part of our New Arrivals Program. This helps children with limited knowledge of the English background to develop their communication and language skills. Our skilled Hindi and Mandarin-speaking educators offer these sessions weekly and we are currently encouraging more educators of different backgrounds to join our team to build on this program and reach more families.