Diwali Festival Week Celebration πŸͺ”

November 6-10: A week-long celebration of Diwali, India’s most significant festival, brought an array of vibrant activities to our center. Known as the Festival of Lights, Diwali is a time when homes, temples, and workspaces across India are lit up with traditional diyas (oil lamps), candles, and lanterns.

Throughout the week, our center was adorned with eye-catching and colorful decorations, capturing the essence of the festival’s joy and brightness. A culinary delight was one of the week’s highlights, where our beloved educator, Karam, treated everyone to homemade Kheer (Indian rice pudding). This delicious dish added an authentic flavor to our celebrations.

Children spent the week immersed in the festive spirit, enjoying Diwali songs and dancing along to the lively music. To further enhance their experience, we invited some of the 1st Impressions parents to join in diya and rangoli-making activities. This provided a wonderful opportunity for the children to deepen their understanding and appreciation of the rich beauty of Indian culture and its festivals.