Music: A Universal Treasure. It’s not just for the prodigies but for everyone. Every child deserves to bask in its joy and learn its wonders.

Our passionate team has spent four glorious years introducing the magic of music to children between 3-12. Building on our success, we’re thrilled to roll out our newest initiative: the Orff music program.

Here’s what’s special:

  1. Tailored for Tiny Tunes: Orff music education is designed especially for youngsters aged 1-5. It’s their prime time to connect with melodies and rhythms!
  2. Meet Nicole, Our Orff Expert: A seasoned Orff educator, Nicole has melded 15 years of experience with Montessori techniques, crafting a unique and engaging musical journey for children.
  3. Focused Learning in Small Batches: We believe in intimate group sessions, ensuring every child gets the spotlight and flourishes.

Our Class Line-Up:

    • ELC Room (2.5y – 3.5y): Tue 10:00 AM, Wed 10:00 AM
    • Pre-reception (3.5y – 5y): Tue 1:00 PM, Wed 1:00 PM
    • Starter Room (4m – 24m): Wed 9:15 AM

🎶 Meet Our Orff Music Instructor – Nicole 🎶

Our Orff Music Classes come to life under the expert guidance of our new music instructor, Nicole.
Nicole brings a wealth of experience and qualifications:

    • Certified from the Orff Musik Tanz Schulewerk in Germany.
    • Boasts 15 years of experience in early childhood education, especially in music teaching.

She’s a passionate educator, and we firmly believe that under her mentorship, music is for everyone, especially our young learners.


Join us on this musical journey and let your child experience the magic of music!