Child Care Subsidy Annual Cap Removal

Families earning more than $190,015 (2021–22 terms) currently have an annual subsidy cap of $10,655 per child each financial year, but from 10 December 2021, the annual cap will be removed for all families who get CCS.

Families already getting CCS don’t need to do anything.

If a family has already reached the CCS annual cap before 10 December, it’s because CCS may have stopped. Services Australia will automatically reassess the family’s CCS entitlement for this time. They will back pay CCS for affected sessions of care.

Child care subsidy increase for families with more than one child in care.

Families with more than one child in care will get a higher subsidy for their second child and younger children from 7 March 2022.

For more information, you may check this website: Higher Child Care Subsidy.