Meet our wonderful Core Management team

Helena Cai

Starter Room Team Leader

Bachelor of Education and Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care

Helena had 15 years teaching experience in primary school setting and 7 years in childcare setting. She is very passionate with working with children and never hesitates to take the extra mile for our beloved children. On her free time, she is fond of reading, taking short walks and hiking up the hills, she always shares her love for the outdoors and the greenery with everyone!

Roan Bassig

Educational Leader

Bachelor of Science in Family Life and Child Development

Roan graduated Magna Cum Laude with a bachelor’s degree in Family Life and Child Development from the top university in the Philippines. With 8 years of teaching experience in early childhood education, she has been supporting children through evidenced-based practices. She has brought to our centre her expertise in this field and has continuously been developing our educational program.

Olivia Yu

Pre-Kindy Room Team Leader / Early Childhood Teacher

Master of Early Childhood Teaching and Bachelor of Arts in Business English

After acquiring her Master’s degree in Early Childhood Teaching, Olivia has been working as an ECT for around 3 years. Before moving to Australia, she worked as an international trademark attorney in China for 7 years. The overseas work experience equipped her with lots of transferable skills which benefit her current role as a teacher. Olivia is passionate about early childhood education and enjoys working with children. She is committed to providing high-quality and child-centred education. She is an advocate for play-based learning and is dedicated to promoting children’s physical, emotional and social development to complement academic progress.

Kate Corciega

Admin / Director Assistant

Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care and Bachelor in Medical Laboratory Science

Kate graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Medical Laboratory Science and has worked for almost 2 years as a medical technologist and an Assistant Head of the Chemistry Department in one of the prestigious private hospitals in the Philippines and has experience in teaching English as a second language. She has been sharing her technical and management expertise in our centre and has been a great all-rounder support for the team.

Gunvir Kaur

Nominated Supervisor/ Plodder Room Team Leader (acting Centre Manager)

Bachelor of Education, Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care and Master of Physics

With a bachelor’s and masters degree completed overseas, she came to Australia bringing her knowledge and learnings with the aim and passion to teach young children. She always focuses on their learning skills and plans various intentional teaching experiences for them. Coming from an Indian background, she has been a vital team member as she helps shed light to her culture and experiences by incorporating them to our education and care system. She helps strengthen family ties of the same origin/background and is very eager to help bridge the gap within the community.

Sally Zhou

Managing Director

Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care (working towards) and Bachelor of Business

Sally has 20 years background in multicultural businesses which makes her able to relate with families and children from all walks of life. She is always eager to learn and explore more to be a better mother and a great model to children. She has been providing great leadership to the team and always ensures provision of quality education and care.