Access to Rapid Antigen Test Kit

Rapid antigen tests are now used to diagnose COVID-19. This means if you test positive using this kit, you do not need to have a PCR test for confirmation. If you are a close contact, you can access 2 free rapid antigen test kits.

You must register here: Register Rapid Antigen Test Kit (Please read under Accessing Rapid Antigen Test and click register).

If you are not a close contact, rapid antigen test kits are available commercially in supermarkets and pharmacies.

As per SA Health recommendation, close contacts of a positive case may only return to childcare/class on day 8 after 7 their days quarantine. You will need to provide a negative day-6 result to be able to come back to childcare. Close contacts also need to get tested at any point they display symptoms of COVID-19. We will send an update if there is any change in the management of COVID-19 in child care settings.

Management of COVID-19 in childcare settings

Based on SA Health advice, the Department of Education has provided guidance on how to manage cases of COVID-19 in the early childhood and care centres. There will be new contact tracing and close contact arrangements in the ECEC centers from 31 January 2022. These new arrangements recognise the importance of providing quality education and care for our children and students while minimizing the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

Centres will not be required to temporarily close if there is a case of COVID-19 under the new arrangements (these new arrangements will be in place until 25 February 2022 and such arrangements may be reviewed or changed if and when needed). SA Health will work with the centre and may put in place additional controls or restrictions on staff and children to minimise the transmission of the virus.

Please note: Face masks are required for all adults when indoors.

If there is a COVID-19 positive child in the room, the staff members will be given 7 rapid antigen tests from the centre. Staff must test each morning and receive a negative test to attend the workplace. All ECEC centres will be provided rapid antigen tests for the test-to-stay requirement for both settings and for regular staff surveillance testing. Surveillance testing must be done every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. A positive will be reported to SA Health (within 24 hours) via their website and to the centre director and we will be providing updates to families regarding the COVID-19 situation in the centre.