Philosophy: Reggio Emilia approach

At 1st Impressions Early Learning Centre, we believe that children are curious, creative, competent and active learners which are the core concepts of the Reggio Emilia approach. The foundation of our teaching lies in the belief that children are capable learners and powerful collaborators and our centre provides a wide variety of educational opportunities that will allow them to grow and learn at their own pace.

We highly respect and value diversity, thus we promote and encourage multiculturalism which is evident with our staff members, educational program and classroom settings. We offer children a strong educational program that promotes a better understanding of different backgrounds and honours cultural diversity.

Equality, Rights and Relationship

Early Childhood Educators

Environment and Educational Program

Families and Community

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Physical safety Our center is designed under the education facilities design standards, creating high quality learning environments that optimise the participation of children and ensure safety.

Mental safety 1st impressions aims to develop a secure base which is provided through a relationship with sensitive and responsive attachment figures (the educators) who meet children’s needs and to whom the children can turn as a safe haven, when upset or anxious.

We believe strongly in being accountable for children’s educational, psychological, and sociological development. We do not only provide day care services but also aim to contribute to the learning outcomes, mental health and social skills of our children.

1st impressions respects cultural diversity as Australia is a multicultural country. We always encourage our children to identify the strengths of their own cultural backgrounds while at the same time help them to learn and integrate with the local culture with humility.

Experienced Educators

0ur Rooms

0 – 2


“Great Things Start From Small Beginnings”

The first two years of your child’s life are a time of rapid growth and development, where every moment matters.  booking a tour

2 – 3


“Children Learn By Doing”

Here encourages social interaction, developing independence, and foster language acquisition and practice. booking a tour

3 – 6


“Even The Genius Asks Questions”

Did you say challenges? We hear you. Our Challenger Room gets our children ready for school. booking a tour

Language Transition Plan

Newly arrived children can enrol in a language transition plan.

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Quality Education

At present, the center has 19 staff members, 15 of whom have bachelor’s degree and above.

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New Arrivals Program (NAP)

NAP is running in 1st impressions for new immigrant families with children.

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Transition Catering & Nutrition

We provide 5 meals daily. 4 menus. 2-3 fresh seasonal fruits served daily.

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